August 23, 2019
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Positive 102.5 FM, Akure is the first of the 32 FM project of FRCN that was commissioned by Former President Olusegun Obasanjo on April 20th, 2002.

Princess Ademola Banke was the Executive Director at take-off of the station.

It is situated at Information Village Ondo Road Akure with signals getting to about 10 states.

The pioneer staffs were:

Alhaji Kolawole Animasaun First General Manager
Mr Remi Adedayo Head of News
Mr Akin Akiniyi Head of Engineering
Mr S.O. Ladele              State Correspondent
Mr Lawal I Accountant
Mr Ajayi J.O Engineering Plant
Mr Henry Akinsoyinu  Head of Programmes
Mr Tafa Mufutau Driver


The station was shouldered with the responsibility of serving the people at the especially in Ondo State by informing them with unbiased news contents, quality and qualitative programming and to raise reasonable internally generated revenue through Marketing.


Reactionally, the station has been able to contribute meaningfully to the education, entertainment and information of the general public. Government activities have been interpreted and promoted to the public while issues bothering the masses are also being reported to draw government attention.

At take-off and up till now, we have many educative awareness jingles covering all aspects of life.

We have also been able to try our best in IGR also been able to try our best now that our equipment are aged and more stations are springing up in the state especially Akure the capital.

Largely, we have lived up to the motto of the corporation which is to uplift the people and unite the nation by our programmes, News and even marketing activities.