HIV/AIDS patients needs psychological intervention – Psychologist

For Nigeria to record greater success in the fight against the scourge of HIV/AIDS, there’s is the need to merge the expertise of psychologists with medical.

A professor of Applied Social/Health Psychology, at the University of Ibadan, Professor Olamakinde Olapegba, made this recommendation while delivering the 47th Inaugural Lecture of the university entitled: “That I may know”.

Professor Olapegba who explained that knowledge usually influences the behavior of the people, noted that the various concepts and strategies employed in the crusade of reducing the spread of the disease as well as managing people living with HIV/AIDS needed psychological intervention to attain its target.

He faulted some of the contents of advertisement and jingles on prevention and stigmatization, saying the Yoruba translation of AIDS was stigmatizing.

Professor Olapegba also advocated well researched policies aimed at improving the quality of lives of the citizenry to be implemented so as to rid the country of crimes and illegality.

Temidayo Adu

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