Oyo Govt. Reiterates Commitment to Residents’ Health

Oyo State Government has reiterated its commitment to ensure that hygienic meat is consumed by the people.

Oyo State Commissioner for Agriculture, Natural Resources and Rural Development, Mr Oyewole Oyewunmi stated this at the opening of human clinic of the central abattoir, Amosun Village.

Mr Oyewunmi said the clinic was put in place to examine butchers so as to prevent transmission of diseases from animal to human beings.

In a remark, Project Officer Central Abbatoir, Ibadan Dr Akanbi Ibikunle cautioned the people against consumption of infected animal parts especially the lungs of cow to prevent tuberculosis.

Dr ibikunle said the disease could be contracted from animal to man through consumption of cow liver with stony substances called ‘fuku elegusi’ in Yoruba language.

Dr ibikunle noted that the infected lungs which the society regard as a delicacy would automatically infect the consumer.

He advised the public to always allow professionals to screen animals slaughtered outside abattoirs.

Dayo Adu

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