Implementing Education Act for National Development

Education is the best legacy a country can give to her citizens.

No nation can achieve meaningful socio-economic, political, technological and cultural advancement without solid educational investment in its citizens.

Education is important and a human right that should be accorded to all solely by reason of being human.

In order to accord the Education sector the desired priority, government initiated the National Policy on Education, in 2004, which adopted education as an instrument par excellence for effecting National development.

There is no doubt, to say factors that affect standard of education in the country includes, growth without measurable development, increasing quantity with declining quality and lack of consistency in policy.

Due to inconsistency in policy, successive governments have not been able to create the enabling environment for the achievement of set goals and objectives defined in the National Policy on Education.

These policy somersaults especially as it affects education, has led to poor funding, decaying infrastructure, declining teacher quality, poor renumeration and the consequent poor student performance in both internal and external examinations.

In its bid to improve the standard of education in the country, the senate recently passed the Education Bill into law.

The act seeks to amend the education’s national minimum standards and establishment of institutions.

It also provides regulatory bodies with effective tools for enforcing national minimum standards in the Educational sector.

It is imperative that the bill should be given necessary backing to be able to see the light of the day.

Given the importance of education to Nation building, it is imperative that government strive towards improving the funding of education and should be complemented with provision of basic infrastructure.

Basic infrastructure was one of the things the country had, in the past, which impacted positively on the results of the students and it would be appreciated, if the present administration would go extra mile to invest heavily on infrastructure in all the nook and cranny of the nation.

To have a solid and qualitative education in the country is a joint responsibility that must be undertaken by all stakeholders.

Hence, the Teachers Training College that was in operation in the past should be revitalized to boost the morale of the teachers.

Government should be more proactive and innovative in financing education in the country.

Abimbola Bamgbose


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