Sudan Transitional Military Council, Opposition Alliance Reach Agreement

Over a month after ousting President Omar al-Bashar, the Transitional Military Council and representatives of the protesters, the Declaration of Freedom and Change Forces, DFCF, have struck a deal for a three-year transition period to democratic governance.

The deal between the two parties included agreement on a sovereign council, a cabinet and a legislative body, according to spokesman, Taha Osman.

As part of the agreement, the opposition alliance would have two-thirds of the 300-member transitional legislative council with parties outside the alliance having the rest seats.

However, the two parties are yet to reach a compromise on a sovereign council – the top tier of power, where both want a majority.

Earlier before the agreement, about five protesters and a member of the security forces died in clashes in the capital, Khartoum.

BBC quotes a top brass in the military council, Lt Gen Yasser al-Atta, as saying, “We vow to our people that the agreement will be completed fully within 24 hours in a way that meets the people’s aspirations” while DFCF member Satea al-Hajj expressed optimism that the final details on power-sharing would be agreed, adding: “The viewpoints are close and, God willing, we will reach an agreement soon.”

Omar al-Bashar had held sway in Sudan for three decades before his toppling by the military following protests which commenced late last year.

The protests were sparked by government’s decision to triple the price of bread.

Five weeks into the protests, on 17 January, a doctor, who had been treating injured protesters in his home in Khartoum, was killed when state forces allegedly fired live ammunition at protesters.

Dozens other were felled during the anti-government unrest.

Protesters eventually staged a sit-in from 6 April outside military headquarters in Khartoum to demand al-Bashir’s ouster.

A couple of days after the sit-in, the country’s military heeded the call and swooped on the president, who is now in custody and charged over the killing of protesters by members of the security forces.

In the aftermath of al-Bashir’s ouster, the military originally wanted a two-year transition period while protest leaders sought four years.

Culled from BBC


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