Air Strike kills Forty Migrants in Libya

An attack has killed up to 40 migrants at a detention centre on the outskirts of the Libyan capital Tripoli.

According to Report, some 80 people were injured at the centre, which the UN-backed government says was hit by an air strike.

Anti-government forces led by warlord Gen Khalifa Haftar have accused government forces of bombarding it.

Most of the dead are believed to be Africans, attempting to reach Europe on clandestine sea crossings from Libya.

Thousands of migrants are stopped and held in government-run detention centres.

The country has been torn by violence and division since long-time ruler Muammar Gaddafi was deposed and killed in 2011.

Emergency Services Spokesman Osama Ali told newsmen that some 120 migrants were inside a hangar at the Tajoura Detention Centre which took a direct hit on Tuesday evening.

Tajoura is believed to house some 600 migrants.

Report says, women and children were among those hit, Guma El-Gamaty, a member of the UN-backed political dialogue group.

An official in the Libyan Health Ministry, Doctor Khalid Bin Attia, described the carnage for the newsmen after attending the scene:

“People were everywhere, the camp was destroyed, people are crying here, there is psychological trauma, and the lights cut off.

“We couldn’t see the area very clear but just when the ambulance came, it was horrible, blood is everywhere, somebody’s guts in pieces.”


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