Curbing Xenophobic Attacks

In the wake of xenophobic attacks in South Africa, Nigerian government has been urged to put in place measures that will boost the economy which will reduce migration of its citizens to other countries.

A Nigerian undergoing his PhD programme in Political Science at the University of KwaZulu-Natal Pietermaritzburg Campus, Mr. Olumuyiwa Faluyi stated this while speaking with Radio Nigeria.

He said if the vast natural and human resources the country is endowed with has been effectively managed, Nigeria would have been among the best economies of the world which would reduce the influx of its citizens to other developed countries. 

“If the government of Nigeria could work and boost the economy, people will not be rushing out of the country in search of greener pastures. The South African government worked on developing its country which made it attractive economically to immigrants.”

Mr. Faluyi maintained that if Nigerians in Diaspora were fully engaged while their lives and property were as well secured in their country, they would not have any cause to leave and it would even attract foreign investors.

“The government should deal with the issue of corruption that posed as threats to the development of the country. The issue of insecurity should also be paramount in their governance, so the citizens could be rest assured that their lives and businesses are safe.”

He emphasized that one of the factors that aided xenophobic attack in South Africa was the inability of the government to address some of the specific needs of its citizens who as well believed that foreigners, especially Nigerians had taken over their jobs as well as courting their ladies.

“The major reason for xenophobic attacks is because the South African government failed to connect with its citizens by providing necessary opportunity to meet with their daily needs. Also, the heavy presence of Nigerians in South Africa contributed to the attacks as some South Africans believed they are being deprived of their jobs and women”

Mr. Faluyi said it was essential for Nigerian government to meet with its South African counterpart to address grey areas which often fuel the xenophobic attacks as cooperation, understanding and harmonious living are cultures of African people.

 “The Nigerian government must prove itself as the giant of Africa and this will generate respect from other African countries. Let the two countries meet and iron out issues to forestall recurrence of the xenophobic attacks. More so, Africans should put into practice integration and cultivate the habit of living harmoniously.”

Rashidat Makinde

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