Domestic Abuse: Proper Education Would Aid Victims in Speaking Out – Experts

Experts in gender and family relationship in Abeokuta want more empowerment and education for the girl-child to strengthen them to speak out whenever they are being violated within the family circle.

The experts while speaking on the implications of domestic violence on the victims and the society said various forms of the abuse could be reduced with more enlightenment.

Domestic violence according to experts is said to be any action targeted at inflicting pains on the victims especially by family members.

It is however believed that women and girl-child constitute the larger percentage of victims of domestic violence.

Men and the boy-child are also on few occasions victims of domestic violence while the aged are also on occasion victims.

Coordinator of Education, Gender, Youth and Family Network, a non-governmental body based in Abeokuta, Professor Helen Bodunde while speaking on “Domestic Violence and its implications on victims and the society” explained that it could be physical and psychological.

Professor Bodunde stressed that the use of foul language and uncomplimentary words by the abusers to their spouses and parents to their children kill self-esteem of the victims which in the bigger picture affect the larger society.

She stated that there should be improved communication within the family as improved communication would lead to improved economy of the family and engender confidence leading to sense of security for all family members.

Also speaking, coordinator of Gender Development Initiatives another non-governmental body based in Abeokuta, Professor Olubunmi Ashimolowo, said increased level of education and empowerment of mothers to train their children would enable victims to speak out when being violated.

She noted that tradition and religious beliefs are being used to prevent victims from speaking out against domestic violence and called for more education.

The experts in their submissions said increased education for all would reduce domestic violence in the family as husbands would see their wives as helpers that should be cared for while parents would also uphold the rights of the children to decent living.

Wale Oluokun

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