Trailer Crushes Lady at Ibadan

A lady whose identity is yet to be ascertained was today involved in a ghastly road accident along Dugbe expressway Ibadan. 

The lady who was on a commercial motorcycle allegedly fell due to the recklessness of the rider and was subsequently crushed by an oncoming truck. 

A witness account indicates that the motorcyclist who linked the Express from Dugbe market axis in a recklessness manner made the passenger to panic and eventually fell. 

One of the witnesses told Radio Nigeria that the truck crushed the passenger on the lower part of the body, stating that the victim had however been rushed to the hospital. 

The witness alleged that immediately after incident, the rider fled while the truck driver had reported himself to a nearby police station. 

Another witness expressed regrets that some miscreants took advantage of the situation to dispose the victim of her belongings, a situation which made it difficult for her relatives to be contacted. 

Meanwhile, the incident had created light traffic on the route as passersby bit their tongues at the sight of the scene of the incident.

Adedayo Adelowo


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