Experts Warn against Indiscriminate Disposal of Face Masks

As the war against COVID-19 intensifies, experts have warned against indiscriminate disposal of face masks as part of measures to prevent the spread of the virus.

This formed the focus of discussion at a hospital-wide grand round of the University College Hospital on COVID-19

Coronavirus also called COVID-19, can also be referred to as SARS COV-2 according to the experts and can be transferred from animals to humans.

Consultant Virologist at the hospital, Dr Adeola Fowotade said the virus is transmitted when droplets from an infected person fall on surfaces such as tables, door-nobs, wheelchairs, thermometer and others.

Dr Fowotade explained that though the virus has a high transmissibility rate, the fatality rate is low, hence adherence to basic personal hygiene rules would go a long way in preventing it.

An infectious disease physician, Dr Olukemi Adekanbi on her part, recommended standard precaution with all patients regardless of the disease state.

This includes hand hygiene, cough hygiene and appropriate use of personal protective equipment by care-givers.

Dr Adekanbi decried the situation where used masks are disposed anyhow, saying this could spread infections.

According to her, a mask is meant for use by people already having symptoms of any disease to prevent spread and not for all occasions.

The expert said a used mask should not be reused, kept in the bag or on the table but disposed of in closed receptacles.

Anthonia Akanji

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