Experts Warn on Hazards of Plastic Wastes

Ahead of the onset of the rainy season, some experts have urged governments and development partners to focus on sensitizing Nigerians to the public health hazards of environmental pollution with plastic wastes.

A cross-section of the experts maintained that indiscriminate dumping of refuse, particularly plastics products without regard to environmental concerns, was capable of putting the people’s health and national economy in jeopardy. 

Our correspondent, Oluwatoyin Adegoke has the rest of the story.

In a similar report, Radio Nigeria correspondent, Kayode Babatuyi examines the hazard associated with plastic wastes in Ekiti state and possible solutions.

He observes that in recent times, there has been a tremendous increase in the consumption of products packed in disposable plastic materials globally, with such items constituting 60% of refuse generation.

And points out the poor management of these waste products is gradually becoming a threat to the environment.

His report.

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