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Nuclear Test and Its Effects On The World Population

Global nuclear test began in the early Mexico, when the United States of America, USA, exploded its first atomic bomb and the rat race ensued among world powers.

Between 1945 and 1996, over 2000 nuclear tests were conducted for military purposes at sixty locations worldwide.

1996 heralded the opening of a Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, ETBT. But it was short-lived as 10 nuclear bomb tests were carried out after the treaty.

Worried by this development, the world powers under the guidance of the United Nations came up with a treaty on the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons in January,1963                                                                                                                           

The treaty restricted nuclear bomb test to underground from earth surfaces because of its devastating effect on world population.

The recent North Korea nuclear bomb test has once again brought to the fore the delicate and hanging balance the world has found itself since the first nuclear bomb test by us in 1945.

North Korea, formerly Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea has an active history of increasingly sophisticated nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programmes and is believed to possess chemical and biological weapons.

 North Korea withdrew from the treaty on nonproliferation of nuclear weapons in January 2003 and by 2018, the leader Kim Jong-Un announced a halt to all nuclear test.

On 12th June, 2018 US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader met face to face for the first time in Singapore to work toward a complete denuclearization of the Korean peninsula. However, Kim Jong-Un resumed nuclear test in May 2019 and the latest in June 2020.

 Reacting to the unending nuclear test among world powers, a chemical engineer, Nik Dais said it had put the entire world on the brinks of extinction.

Research findings reveal that blast from nuclear test produced shock wave higher than the conventional explosives.

 Research institutions, policy making organizations, peer review journals and witness accounts have confirmed that nuclear bomb tests are damaging and injurious to human health, habitation, vegetation and weather condition including climate change.

There are evidences of this devastating effect of nuclear bomb test on eardrums, lungs, hurling people at high speed, casualties due to collapsing structures and flying debris.  

It also showed that human organs, skin, eyes and living cells could be damaged as a result of world population exposure to radiation and can even lead to death.

 It is time for the world to rise and demand a total halt to nuclear test to save humanity.

The world powers must be ready and willing to put an end to the old, but still existing cold war of military and economic rivalry among all American and Russian allies.

If there must be nuclear technology, it must be geared at developing medicine, health care delivery, agriculture, economic and peaceful purposes.

 Tayo Sanni

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