Understanding Marriage as a Fundamental phenomenon

Marriage is a fundamental phenomenon, which involves a process, it is ordained by God according to the Holy Books.

According to findings, in some cultures, to marry means to choose your life partner. Two lovers must accept the marriage, parental consent must also be informed including acceptance of the society.

Differences in culture may appear in the situations concerning taboos and norms, etiquette, naming, burial and attitudes to life.

The problem may rise not only between spouses but also between their families including differences in language which may lead to simple misunderstanding.

Speaking with Radio Nigeria some youths were of the opinion of that inter-tribal marriage depend on the both parties while others said that there was nothing wrong in it.

A marriage counsellor, Mrs Bosade Ogunlana, said that love is bigger irrespective of tribe, status, religion, or ethnicity.

Mrs Ogunlana however said that the consent of both parties and their parents were paramount for peaceful coexistence.

Also, a Muslim cleric, Imam AbdulRasheed Salami explained that inter-tribal marriage, according to Islam does not frown at it in as much as both parties were of the same like minds as this would promote unity and peace in the country.

Pastor Kayode Babatunde said that God ordained marriage and it was not stated in the bible that inter- tribal marriage was not allowed.

Pastor Babatunde however advised parents not to influence future partners for their children in order to choose rightly.

Taiwo Akinola

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