Holy Thursday: Clergies Urges Faithful to be Optimistic

Holy Thursday is the day Christian faithful remember how Jesus washed the feet of his disciples reminding Christians to be humble.

 The parish priest, Patrick Akinjo stated this in his sermon at St Mary’s Catholic Church, Oke Padre Ibadan during its Holy Thursday service.

Reverend Father Akinjo urged the faithful to always adhere to their faith and be hopeful of a better life.

In the same vein, the Metropolitan Arch-Bishop of Ibadan Dioceses, Gabriel Abegunrin, while on the significance of Easter season, described Christ cross as a sign of blessing, salvation to humanity.

Arch-Bishop Abegunrin said activities of the church during the festive period would be guided by government’s Covid-19 protocols.

    Funmi Obagbayegun

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