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Big Butts of Columbia

When you hear about big butts in Colombia, the first thing that comes to mind probably aren’t ants.

Big butt ants are a regional delicacy in the Santander region of Colombia. 

The hormigas culonas, a.k.a hormigas santandereanas are pregnant leaf cutter ants that are collected by hand during the Spring mating season.

They are then roasted and lightly salted to make a tasty snack.

Nice and crunchy, they have a sort of earthy and irony taste.

They are actually packed with protein, and locals laud them for having aphrodisiac qualities.

Hormigas culonas ants can be bought in small bags of a handful ranging up to large jars at corner stores and shops in the Santander region.

People take them as a snack like peanuts.

The best places to find hormigas culonas are in Barichara, San Gil, or Bucaramanga, however, street vendors can be found in other places in Colombia, including Cartagena.

They are best enjoyed when they are fresh between the months of March-May, though, one often find them the rest of the year as well.

Titilayo Kupoliyi

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