Most Public Schools In Untidy State As Students Resume New Term

Students of some public schools in Oyo state may find first week of their academic activities engaging in tough manual labour and general cleaning as they resume for their new academic activities.
This followed the surroundings of most of the schools and classroom that had become eroded with grasses and feaces.
Our correspondent, who had earlier visited I.M.G prymary and Grammar school Joyce B, community grammar school located at mokola and Ajibode, as well as Immanuel comprehensive high reported that some of the open field were used for football by neighbouring residents while most of the classrooms blocks without doors and windows had human and animal feaces littering the floor of the classrooms.

Apart from grown up grasses and tall trees that had covered some classrooms blocks at IMG school, sharp corner, some hooligans use some of the classrooms as hideout to consume indian hemp.
Radio Nigeria correspondent also observed that resuming students may not be able to use their toilets as most of the toilets were in unkempt condition.
A security guard in one of the schools visited, Mr Haruna Oyinlu said the damaged fence of the school as well as the open nature of the classrooms were responsible for the deplorable condition of the school premises

Rotimi Famakin

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