Osun Pensioners Demand Bond Certificate, Arrears

Osun State retirees under the Contributory pension scheme have again demanded the release of bond certificates and cash backing of those who have completed processing their retirement entitlement since August 2016.

The Contributory pensioners also appealed to the government to prioritize the payment of arrears of the half salary to serve as a veritable source of income for the past six years without earning.

The pensioners who made their demands known at a Press Conference in Osogbo alleged that the immediate past administration in the state failed to remit their pension deductions and their individual cooperative contributions.

“Aside from the half salary issues, there were other deductions from the salary of the contributory pensioners. These include cooperative deductions, car loan deductions paid by the retirees but not remitted to the beneficiaries.”

According to the Chairman of the Joint Forum of Pensioners who read the statement, the account statement received by the majority of the joint forum members from the Pension Fund Administrators, FPA showed that government-funded the Account to August 2016 for primary schools, October 2017 for Secondary Schools, Civil/Parastatals, Tertiary Institutions, and Local Government.

Comrade Oyadare also appealed to the government to issue the contributory pensioners letters of promotions that they were due, while in the service, adding that such promotions should be equally monetized with immediate effect.

The pensioners advised the government to borrow fifty billion nairas from the capital market to pay their Pensions while they also canvassed that five hundred million nairas monthly should be earmarked for pension projects.

The chairman of the Joint Forum of Pensioners said their demands and agitation had nothing to do with politics.

“We want the state government and general public to note that the leadership of the entire members of the Joint Forum of Pensioners has been treading on the threshold of psychological and intellectual paths, such that our agitations for our well-deserved retirement benefits should not be misconstrued as being used by any political party/group.

We wish that the Government should note that for more than six (6)years, the majority of this category of state retirees have not received a dime as human beings, and Nigerians who had served their state and fatherland diligently for thirty-five (35)years or 60/65 years of retirement age, we should be entitled to the fruits of our labor.”

Adenitan Akjnola


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