LG Tussle Update: Many Caretaker Chairmen Back in Office

Many local government headquarters in Ibadan remain calm as some caretaker chairmen have resumed duty.

Radio Nigeria correspondent, who has been monitoring the situation reports that security operatives are still manning the councils.

A visit to the headquarters of Ibadan North East, Iwo Road, South East, Mapo and North West, Onireke headquarters shows that party loyalists were around to execute menial jobs in assisting the chairmen.

At Ibadan North-East, Iwo Road the caretaker chairman, Mr. Ibrahim Akintayo called on workers to resume duties.

Similarly, at the Ibadan South East Local Government Headquarters, many people were in the queue for one business or the other.

The Caretaker Chairman of the local government, Pastor Emmanuel Alawode said normalcy had returned following the drama where hoodlums carted away properties in his office.

Radio Nigeria, however, observed that at the Ibadan North Local Government was under lock while security operatives were on the ground.

Lilian Ibomor

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