Activities Kick Off at Margret Ekpo International Airport Calabar

Activities at the Margret Ekpo International Airport Calabar has kicked off with the opening of the airport by the Federal Government for meeting the health safety guidelines for restart.

The people of the state are excited that the reopening of the airport kicked off with an inaugural flight of one of the domestic airlines.

They believe the hospitality and tourism Industry would begin to pick up soon.

They rolled out their drums to welcome the flight which took off from Lagos to the Calabar airport.

On arrival, social distancing was enforced, officials of the port health services where in charge of temperature checks and hand sanitizing within and outside the terminal.

The Former Cross River State Governor, Mr. Donald Duke and his wife who joined the flight with other passengers said they were excited to fly to the state after 5 months of staying indoors.

 Mr. Duke said with the reopening of the airport and more flights coming in, this would help to restart and stimulate business activities in the state.

He stated that before now with only one airline operating into Calabar, they were deprived of not being able to move in and out of the state at will, adding that with an additional airline connecting the state with Lagos and Abuja directly, the people and visitors would be encouraged to come in and go out.

“Commuting and all that, you know unfortunately, until lately it’s only be one flight in and out of Calabar, so this adds to it, this adds more commerce to the city when people can go in and come out more frequently and there are more visitors, so the hospitality industry will benefit because our people can benefit lots more, overall, it will become a destination, you are not a destination if I can’t get to you, so people can come in here and leave at will, then you are a destination.”

Director with one of the airlines, Mrs. Amaka Echetabu said airlines were happy to spread their wings to Calabar in this unprecedented times and emphasized that no matter how the market shrinks, people still expects to be moved from one place to the other.

“We want the people to feel worth their weight in gold when they come to fly, we want to treat people very well, this is what we are really all about, we want to give them the best and what they paid for.”

Mrs Annie Essien Ette, another manager with one of the airlines says, airlines fly to areas where there are needs with the right equipment and ensure passengers get value for money.

“Getting publicity out there to say, if you have concerns about flying, the convenience of the flight, is about the air you breathe in, we have you covered.”

She emphasized that if airlines continue to maintain high safety standards, keep to time and with passengers cooperation, the industry would recover quickly.


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