November 26, 2020

Gunmen Kidnap Three in Ondo, Residents Allege Police Abandoned Duties

Report says three travellers have been kidnapped at gunpoint in Ikakumo in Ondo State which is a border town with Edo state.

An okada rider who stumbled upon the kidnap scene was beaten to to the point of coma and left for dead before he was later resuscitated and thereafter related the incident to the residents.

When contacted, Ikare Police Area Commander, An Assistant Commisioner of Police, Razak Rauf confirmed the incident with an assurance that police would get the culprits .

Meanwhile, residents of Akoko have expressed concern over alleged attitude of police since the #EndSARS protest .

The residents observed that the police have abandoned their regular patrols especially on flash points on Akoko roads where armed robberies and kidnappings were rampant.

The regent of Akunu Akoko, Princess Tolani Orogun reaffirmed the earlier call for a military post in the area which shared boundaries with Kogi and Edo states with a large forest used as hideout by the criminals.

A situation which made many farmers in Akunu, Ikakumo and Auga to desert their farms for fear of being kidnapped.

Ibrahim kilani

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