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“Lori Iro”: Effect Of Fake Promises On National Development

Promises are made to be fulfilled and not to be broken.

They are as strong as the person who makes them.

The biblical story of Abraham and his son, Isaac is too familiar to be repeated here and it can also be found in the Quran.

That is a typical example of promise made and kept which later turned out well for both the father Abraham and son, Isaac.

Sadly, the above liturgical illustration is like a nursery rhyme to some people in this generation, to them promises are only made to be broken and they do it gleefully to those who care to take notice.

Telling lies is an act in their daily lives as individuals had contact with fellow human beings.

The most staggering revelation is that lying or fake promises has no boundary or limitations.

Virtually everybody tell lies or make empty promises to achieve certain selfish desires and to also escape justice.

Institutions are also represented in the act of fake promises based on lies.

These cut across family, economy, religion, politics and socio-cultural milieu.

What do you make of a politician who makes promises to the people to be honest and accountable to them, only to do otherwise on getting elected into office?

How do you describe a contractor who got fully paid for a job but did not do it to the specification in order to make extra gains?

When an unemployed person decides to go into evangelism without being truly called by God just to make ends meet, what do you call that?

A student who derives joy and satisfaction in telling lies to his or her parents for material gains is what?

What will you call a potential spouse who promised heaven and earth to his partner on their wedding day, only to turn her to a punching bag afterwards?

Traders who eke their living not through buying and selling but by cheating on customers to make extra profits is what?

The examples are endless and regrettably, the cumulative effect is that the society suffers; individuals lose self-worth and development is stunted.

Perhaps, this was what inspired a street evangelist, Ismail Gbadamosi to come up with a popular slogan, “lori iro” [fake promises] on the social media.

The slogan, “lori iro” has spread like a wild fire because it touches the very foundation of the rot and decadence in the society.

To some people, “lori iro” is a form of entertainment to give laughter but is essence is more than that as the word is loaded and awe-inspiring.

It calls to question our state of beings as Homo sapiens; it is a blanket query on our morality as creatures of God.

Lori Iro is an open opportunity for people to repent and mend their negative ways of lives that have wrecked colossal havoc on humanity.

Rational human beings should endeavour to make the world better than they meet it by being truthful in their daily activities.

Decent people should not make promises they will not keep as it debases humanity.

Breaking promises frequently affects inter-personal relationships.

Acts of dishonesty, corruption, and inhumanity to man, wickedness and other social vices that are inimical to the orderly progress of the society must be jettisoned as they are all by product of “lori iro” [fake promises].

Some persons make promises for the pleasure of breaking them but such promises are better kept unsaid as this sometimes lead to disaster.

The most important thing is that people of all races, tribes, religion, political or socio-cultural background must refrain or totally desist from saying something they do not mean to do, jokingly known as “lori iro” [fake promises].

Tayo Sanni

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