Significance and Lessons of Good Friday

This day, far away on a skull shaped hill called Golgotha, in Jerusalem, stood an old rugged cross.

 it was a cross the world so much despised, being an emblem of reproach, suffering and shame.

 Yet, it was on that same cross; a great king who did not commit any offense was crucified to atone for the sin of humanity.

 Not minding the shame, this king, Jesus Christ, left his glory and endured that cross for the sake of humanity. 

 Apparently, the event of that day was nothing short of a horrible, unimaginable, inexplicable, humiliating and worst of treatment meted out to Jesus Christ till he breathed his last on that gloomy day which today is being remembered as Good Friday.

 It was the most gruesome killing ever recorded in the history of mankind. 

The Roman soldiers mocked Jesus, lacerated his flesh with lashes, smote his head with a reed, placed on it crown of thorns and nailed him to the cross. 

Darkness enveloped the entire land as blood flowed from his head to the feet with groans of pain, anguish and sorrow mingled with love.

Though, so dark a day it was, yet so good, as the wrath of God against the sins of men, met with mercy at the cross, demonstrating the peak of God’s love for a world that discountenanced him, and willingness to forgive, even the most despicable among men.

By this sacrifice, the ultimate price of forgiveness for humanity was totally paid, the righteousness of God was vindicated and man was reconciled to God.  

Light conquered darkness and sin was conquered by love.

 Satan and death became vanquished, the power of sin subdued, and a new chapter was opened in man’s relationship with God.

 Man regained freedom and the hope of eternal life

Thus, the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ unarguably became the boast and glory of the Christian faith.

 Good Friday is also considered “good” by Christians because as terrible as that day was, it paved the way for eternal life through the resurrection of Jesus Christ, which was three days after his death.

 Considering what the crucifixion of Jesus Christ symbolized, it therefore behoves on Christian faithful and the entire human race to have a deep reflection on how the message of the cross can be applied to save the nation from the challenges bedeviling it.

 Leaders in all sectors of national life should emulate the heart of love Jesus Christ demonstrated despite the agony of the cross, to see their position as an opportunity to deliver the masses from incessant suffering, occasioned by socio-economic and political upheavals.

 Just as Jesus forgave all, individuals, families, friends, aggrieved members of political parties and even world leaders should use the occasion of the Good Friday let go of all offences and forgive one another just as Christ did to mankind.

 If God did not spare his only son so that man could be restored, then, every Nigerian should forsake all manners of sin and live as a good ambassador of Christ for positive transformation in the society.

 Only then, can the nation witness the much desired peace, joy, stability, harmony and blessings which God intended for humanity.

Olaitan Adeitan

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