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Unsual Wedding Practice in Sweden, China

In many western weddings, the immortal words ‘you may now kiss the bride’ signifies the sealing of a couple’s vows with a kiss but in Sweden, the kissing ritual is taken to a whole other level.

At the wedding reception of newlywed Swedish couples, if the groom should leave the room the male guests of the bridal party are permitted to kiss the bride. Similarly, if the bride leaves the party female guests will hone in to kiss the groom.

Meanwhile, for Daur people of China’s Inner Mongolia, before they can even set the date of their wedding, couples from the must observe a tradition that involves the killing of a chick.

The couple take a knife and together kill and gut the baby chicken before inspecting its liver.

If the chick’s liver is in a healthy condition, the couple can set a date for their wedding but if they discover that the chick’s liver is of poor quality or diseased they must repeat the process until they find a healthy liver.

Titilayo Kupoliyi

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