Rainstorm Leaves Trails of Destruction in Ibadan

Some residential buildings, schools and electricity power lines have been damaged by rainstorms in Ibadan yesterday.

Radio Nigeria correspondent, who monitored the situation, reports that the roofs of some buildings in Agbowo and Orogun were blown off by the storm.

Aside from branches of trees that fell on the roads, power cables along major roads as well as IBEDC mast were also damaged by the storm.

 Radio Nigeria also observed that some buildings at Orogun Grammar School were badly damaged with some roofs blown off by the storm.

In an interview, two residents in Orogun, Mr Sakiru Iyanda and Mr Kazeem Oladejo said the storm was severe, causing lots of damage to their buildings and Orogun Grammar School.

They appealed to the government to urgently intervene in the rehabilitation of the affected properties.

Rotimi Famakin


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