“South should produce next president” – Cleric

The Chief Imam of Ogbomoso, Imam Toliah Ayilara has thrown his weight behind the call for zoning presidency to the southern part of the country ahead of the 2023 general election.

The cleric stated this in an interaction with Radio Nigeria.

The cleric who noted that power had remained in a region for too long said it was better to shift it to the southern part of the country to make others feel like a part of the country 

“Justice is Islam and Islam is justice, I will not but support the presidency of southwestern agenda. A region has served for eight years, if we insist that the presidency should remain in the north, the other geo-political zones will feel neglected and marginalised. In order to make sure nobody feels neglected I appeal to the who is who and those at the corridors of power to make sure they relinquish the power to have a balance in the polity” Imam Ayilara said. 

      Also, speaking ahead of the much anticipated 2023 general election, Imam Ayilara while noting that the election would be decisive in the fate of the nation implored the electorate to ensure that people of high integrity were elected. 

The Ogbomoso chief Imam reeled out qualities to be expected in any would-be president including integrity, sincerity, and overwhelming human feeling. 

“The 2023 election is fast approaching and we must play our part to make sure that we have a peaceful election so that people of high integrity will emerge and sit in the corridors of power.

“If you want to vote, don’t just cast your vote for those people that will not assist us. The number one thing to look for is integrity, someone who has the feeling of a human being in him and how can you know that? That can be known through his track record, if it’s someone who is corrupt or inhumane or who has previously demonstrated thuggery attributes, we should do away with them. Let’s look out for integrity, sincerity, fear of God and for someone that is very brave and courageous enough to face the challenges in this country. Also, we should cast our votes without fear or favour “he maintained .

While speaking on the roles of religious leaders to check moral decadence and set a template for uprightness, Imam Ayilara urged clerics to always stand firm with the truth and never get oppressed by any situation.

 “It is our duty as leaders in Islam to speak the truth to the world. We are to give instruction to people and instruct them to do what God wants. We, therefore, appeal to stakeholders that they should allow us to preach to the people the way of God. As the 2023 elections approach, we are to sensitise people on what to do and what not to do. As cleric, we have to stand by what God wants and desist from what God prohibits.” He added.

        Imam Ayilara implored all politicians to remain calm and promote peace before, during and after the 2023 general elections.

Adedayo Adelowo


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