By Mosope Kehinde

Government at all levels have been advised to invest more in the cause of the boychild with a view to making them a good ambassador of the society.

A child rights advocate and executive director, Hope For Second Chance Foundation, HOSEC, Mrs Ibukunoluwa Otesile stated this on the sideline of this Year’s International Boys Day being commemorated on 16th of May, every year.

Mrs Otesile said government, donor agencies, International, National, State and Local NGOs as well as other stakeholders must give heed to the travails of the boy child, advocating against the usual practice of forcing them to grow, in the name of being hero. 

“We stifle their emotions, pains, fears under the guiles of being ‘heroes’.”

“Today we choose to stand for the Boy Child because all children matter. No one child matter more than the other. No child asked to be born either male or female and as such should not be treated based on the fact of a choice he did not make.”

“Friends, look around you? What is the ratio of boys to girls in the indices of substance abuse, organized crime, gansterism and other anti social behaviors? Is the boy child born bad?”

“Today as the world stands still for the Boy Child, I dare say, we as a society again have failed our children, our boys!” 

“The only way to end Gender Based Violence is to break the cycle of abuse. When one is abused, without support or intervention, with time, he or she will perpetrate one form of abuse or the other on another!”

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