COVID-19 Update: 36 Cases in Nigeria So Far

As of 09:45 am on 23rd March, (Source: @NCDCgov ) the number of Covid-19 cases in Nigeria is thirty-six with thirty-three active ones, a total of two people discharged with one person dead.

Lagos has twenty-five cases, the Federal Capital Territory, F.C.T, with six, Ogun State has two cases, Ekiti, Oyo and Edo states with one case each.

The first Covid-19 case in Nigeria was reported in Lagos on the twenty-ninth of last month.

Some of the preventive measures to prevent the disease are frequent washing of hands with soap using running water as well as the use of hand sanitizer.

Most of the banks and corporate offices visited in the Ibadan metropolis had sanitizers at their entrances for use by their customers.

Some residents who spoke with Radio Nigeria emphasised that they had been conscious of their level of personal hygiene.

However, there were no precautionary measures in markets as the traders were more concerned about their sales.

Some of them lamented the low level of patronage as most people were indoors.

They, however, called on the government to put mechanisms in place to control the spread of the Covid-19.

Titilayo Kupoliyi

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