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Examining the Efforts of Ondo State Government at Preventing Coronavirus

Coronavirus, also known as Covid-19 is one disease that is currently ravaging the world with so many deaths recorded and new cases reported by the day.

Nigeria happens to be one of the countries of the world facing the challenge of coronavirus as it was imported into the country in February by an Italian national who has now recovered from the disease.

The entry of Covid-19 into Nigeria no doubt sent shivers down the spines of every Nigerian for the fact that it has no cure for now and that it is highly infectious, killing people by the day especially In Asia, Europe and America.

Since the emergence of this disease in Nigeria, the federal government has deployed all necessary measures to contain its spread while ensuring that victims get the best of medical care to prevent death from coronavirus.

Governors of states where confirmed cases of coronavirus have been announced have also put in place various safety measures to stem the tide of the viral disease.

It is noteworthy that even states where a single case of Covid-19 infection has not been recorded, are not leaving anything to chance in ensuring that the disease does not catch them unawares.

One of such states is Ondo, where the government wasted no time in announcing some safety measures towards preventing the entry of coronavirus into the state and also contain it in case of any eventuality. 

The first step was to embark massive media awareness campaign sensitizing people on the dangers of Coronavirus and the need to increase both environmental and personal hygiene especially regular hand washing with soap and running water to keep it away.

Another step being taken by the Ondo State Government against Covid-19 is the activation of its rapid response mechanism, mounting of surveillance on all border towns, ban on interstate travels, the closure of schools, markets, and worship centres.

Besides, the government has also directed workers on grade level one to twelve to work from home while Governor Akeredolu has also cancelled all official activities for two weeks, all in the bid to reduce the chance of contracting the disease.

Other safety measures are the ban on political gathering, social gathering and the convergence of more than fifty people at a time.

The government has also set up a task force to ensure total compliance with the shutting of markets, worship centres.

To cap it all, Governor Akeredolu directed all members of the state executive council to proceed to their local government areas to sensitise the people on the deadly virus.

An awareness video post by Governor Rotimi Akeredolu

These steps have no doubt helped Ondo State in keeping coronavirus away thus becoming the only state in the Southwest of Nigeria that has not recorded any confirmed case of Covid-19.

While the government, through the Ministries of Health and Information has promised to introduce more precautionary measures against the disease as the days go by, residents are also calling on the government to sustain the tempo to help Ondo state remain coronavirus-free.

Stakeholders believe that if this is done, more people will live beyond the pandemic.

Adebukola Bardi

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