Nigerian Inventor Develops Prototype COVID-19 Detector

A prototype COVID-19 detector yet to be completed but capable of detecting millions of COVID-19 victims has been developed a 37years old technologist, Pastor Samuel Oludipe in Ejioku Ibadan.

Speaking on the project, Pastor Oludipe said he developed an equipment called “probe” to be held by an individual for test on covid-19.

 According to him, the ‘Probe’ when connected to an Android phone that possess an application and electrical equipment identified as magnetic body analyser or quantum would help in detecting if an individual is having COVID-19.
Pastor Oludipe, who said the performance of the equipment depends on the internet facilities in the affected state or country noted that input from two experts would be needed to complete the project early for national use.

 While attesting to the technical skills of the inventor, a beneficiary of Pastor Oludipe’s products in Ejioku, Mrs Ajoke Oladapo said a solar power generator manufactured for her family three years ago had been functioning effectively.
Other electrical appliances produced by Pastor Oludipe at Ejioku were electric booster, car inverter, solar halogen as well as a solar generator.

Rotimi Famakin

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