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Curbing Sexual Maladaptive Behaviour in Children

Sexual maladaptive behaviour is defined as an abnormal pattern of acting out in sexual manners that are grossly out of proportion to normal development.

When sex, especially rape, is introduced to children at a very young age, it begins to cause certain behaviours in these children this is now known as sexual maladaptive behaviour.

It is a type of behaviour that puts the child’s physical, mental and emotional well-being at risk and also the safety of those who surround the child.

Although, some sexual behaviours in a child could be harmless as it could be a form of self-exploration, but this behaviour becomes maladaptive when it causes social impairment, disruption in daily activities, physical and emotional discomfort to the child and also to others.

There are various and several causes of sexual maladaptive behaviour but one which is very common is sexual molestation and child rape.

Many children who display these acts have been or are still victims of sexual abuse, molestation and rape.

They have been molested sexually by older people and people who in one way or the other, have a close relationship with.

Also, children are exposed to these behaviours through social media movies, internet and their environment.

Environmental factor plays a very important role in the development of a child.

Some of the symptoms that are commonly neglected includes when a child blatantly ignores rules, disregards figures of authority, display aggressive behaviours, touching the genitals of animals, exposing oneself in public settings and making crude movements with their bodies.

It is very advisable for parents, guardians and teachers to pay immediate attention and treatment to children with such behaviours as to avoid making it become a long term addiction.

Sexual maladaptive behaviours does not just affect the child physically but also psychologically.

Such children are very liable to have anxiety disorders, communication and learning issues and anti-social disorders.

Parents should henceforth learn to monitor their children and keen attention should be given to the kind of movies they watch, the things they say and the clothes they wear.

Also schools, who have such children in their custody should not relegate such children but should create a forum that will help, such as extra lessons and paying undivided attention to them and also educate them about sexual maladaptive behaviours.

The media should also organise programmes that educate parents and children on the behaviours exhibited.

As we all know that rape affects victims negatively both physically and emotionally, rapists should not be spared but brought to book.

Also parents or guardians of a victim should as a matter of importance, apart from seeking medical attention for the victims, take the victims to psychologists to cleanse any psychological distress.

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