Eidul-Kabir: Oyo MMPN Chairman Charges Muslims in on Peaceful Co-existence

As Muslims worldwide celebrate Eidul-Kabir, the privileged ones have been enjoined to extend their financial gesture to others who are struggling to survive the economic challenges caused by Covid-19 pandemic. 

This is contained in a statement in Ibadan by Chairman, Muslim Media Practitioners of Nigeria, MMPN, Oyo State Chapter, Alhaji Ridwan Fasasi.

Alhaji Fasasi said in the spirit of the celebration, Muslims should give preference to the assistance of those who have lost their jobs and those whose their sources of income have also been hampered by the coronavirus pandemic as such would bring smiles to their families.

He emphasized that this is not the time to keep meat at home even after it has been divided into three based on Shariah as a lot of those who usually slaughter animals are now in need due to the situation caused by the virus.

Alhaji Fasasi urged the faithful to celebrate the Eid with moderation and comply with all measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

He noted that Muslims are still free to observe their 2 Rakaat prayer at home with their families if there are no provision for Covid-19 protocols like running water with soap, physical distancing and the use of facemasks at Eid grounds.

Alhaji Fasasi admonished Muslims to imbibe the spirit of obedience, love, kindness and equality that Eidul-Kabir celebration stands for in their day-to-day activities. 

He equally noted that faithfulness and the fear of Allah displayed by Prophet Ibrahim and his son, Ismail played prominent roles in the history of the celebration and urged Muslims to emulate the virtues.

The MMPN Chairman enjoined Muslims to ensure peaceful co-existence with adherents of other religions as every man has a link to Prophet Adam and they should see others as their brothers and sisters. 

He emphasized that peaceful co-existence is part of Islamic ethics as Prophet Muhammad as a leader in Medinah did not only live peacefully with others but was just to them irrespective of different tribal and religious affiliations. 

Ridwan Fasasi

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