Stakeholders Advocate Increased Funding for NTD’s

Stakeholders on Neglected Tropical Diseases, NTD’s, in Oyo state have called for increased funding of programmes to control, manage and eliminate the diseases.

They believe this is important in view of the economic impact of  NTD’s in terms of treatment costs, disability and dependencies resulting from the diseases on individuals and  the nation at large.

Chairperson, Oyo State Advisory Committee on Neglected Tropical Diseases, Professor Oyedunni Arulogun explained that apart from the burden of the disease, it also has social impact due to stigma.

“It is important to continue to raise awareness, to support government and dispel the myths and misconception around these diseases. Often times the causative factors are not looked at from the scientific point of view but from the spiritual or cultural aspect”

Also, the South-West Coordinator of the program, Dr. Olusola Ogunmola noted that effective implementation of plans was necessary for positive outcomes.

The state NTD coordinator, Mr Oladoyinbo Tunji and other stakeholders urged people to stop discrimination against people with these diseases.

Neglected Tropical Diseases are a group of communicable diseases of public health significance.

They include onchocerciasis or Riverblindness, Shistosomaiasis, Dracunculiasis or Gunea worm, Lymphatic Filariasis or Elephantiasis, Buruli Ulcer and Soil Transmitted Helminthiasis.

Anthonia Akanji

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