Nigeria @60: Federal Lawmaker Decries Non prioritization of History in Schools

A Federal Lawmaker, Tolulope Akande-Sadipe has urged Nigerians to make the celebration of Nigeria at 60 a driving force to uphold good values.

Mrs Sadipe-Akande, who represents Oluyole federal constituency in Oyo State, described the non-prioritization of History in the Nigerian educational curriculum as an injustice to the younger generation, who do not know much about Nigerian independence.

Akande Sadipe urged Federal Government and State Governments to make History, a compulsory subject in schools for pupils and students.

Speaking on her definition of October 1, Akande-Sadipe said the day denotes emancipation to her, reminiscing the sacrifices of her late mentor, Chief Anthony Enahoro in the Western House of Assembly.

“What October 1st means to me. It means Emancipation. In 1953, Anthony Enahoro who I fondly call Baba Enahoro. My late mentor, initiated the self-government motion in the Western House of Assembly. This eventually led to Nigeria’s Independence on the 1st of October, 1960. Unfortunately, today, a lot of the young people in spite of the elaborate celebrations of the day, are not familiar with that name. An injustice as history is no longer a priority in Nigeria’s educational curriculum. A very sad travesty of justice”, she said.

Decrying the state of injustice in Nigeria, Akande-Sadipe said, “October 1st is an opportunity for we the citizens of the nation Nigeria, to ask ourselves the question. ARE WE TRULY EMANCIPATED? In my opinion the answer is NO”.
“Today we are no longer Slaves to the Europeans, but we are slaves to the corruption that pervades all strata of our society. We are slaves to the ethnic differences that abounds in our nation”.
Akande-Sadipe, who is the Chairman, House of Representatives Committee on Diaspora, therefore called on Nigerians to have a deep thought on the state of the Nation and where they want the Nation to be.
“I therefore call on my fellow Nigerians, that we should all use this day of celebration to assess, where our nation is and to decide, where we really want to take our nation. It’s truly up to us. I pray that we will be true to our selves and jointly work towards genuine emancipation of all, across the nation. Then shall we have a reason to celebrate real independence”.

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