General Superintendent Christ Apostolic Church Worldwide, Pastor James Onagwa wants Christians to celebrate Christmas in a way that will not defeat its purpose for the significance of the period to have impart in their lives.

Pastor Onagwa who stated this while speaking on this year’s Christmas Celebration noted that many people were ignorantly celebrating Christmas forgetting the purpose of the celebration.

He observed that many people had turned Christmas celebration to the period they would eat, drink, fornicate and commit other forms of sin all in the name of celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. 

He said “When Jesus was born, the wise men came to him, only those who were wise, and they came to celebrate Jesus, but it is a pity today that while some were celebrating Jesus, others were celebrating “Mas”, You see people who are celebrating the birth of Jesus, drinking, smoking clubbing, camping other people’s wives in hotel, who felt they must celebrate the birth of the Saviour with sin, which is very very contrary to the purpose Jesus came for”. 

He explained that anybody that would celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ must follow the footsteps of the wise men who came to worship him. “Those who are celebrating Christmas with sin are not regarded as wise, the wise one were those who come together to worship Jesus, when you see people coming together for Bible teaching, Seminar Revival prayer and others, those are the people who are wise who are really seeking Jesus, not people go about drinking beer, organizing carnivals, and other immoral party.”

The CAC General Superintendent therefore appealed to Christians to use the period to know more about Christ and the purpose of his coming to the world, “the best to celebrate Christmas is to come together to acknowledge what he has done, and wanting to know Christ, how to please him more, how to serve him more, and how to follow him more.

Pastor Onagwa also urged church leaders to make sure that Christmas period is used to bring people to Christ and establish their faith.

Sunday Ogunyemi


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