Former president Goodluck Jonathan says Nigeria must first eliminate ethnic and religious difference that citizens have created to further divide the nation, before restructuring can take a strong hold.

He said restructuring alone would not help solve the country’s numerous problems.

“We cannot restructure without solving issues that polarize us; nepotism, ethnic and religious differences and lack of patriotism,” he said at the 18th Daily Trust dialogue.

Jonathan maintained that Nigeria must design a solution in line with her own peculiar issues.

The former president, who is the chairman of the event, said “discussion on restructuring will not help except we restructure our minds. Some of the challenges faced at the national level are still there at the state and local government levels….and sometimes even in our communities”, he said.

According to him, Nigerians have mutual suspicion towards one another and this must be eliminated to have a better Nigeria.

He enjoined Nigerian leaders at all levels to encourage conversations that will encourage nationalism.

Let’s do our little best in our little corner to make the country great.

FRCN Abuja


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