Expert Attributes Insecurity to Prevailing Political System

An international Aviation security expert, Otunba Adebayo Babatunde has attributed the prevailing insecurity in the country to a political system that tolerated mistrust and political dishonesty.

He stated this while speaking with Radio Nigeria in Ogbomoso.

The Aviation security expert said the Nigerian political system had made it difficult for the people to trust the government.

“We didn’t get to where we are today in a day, we have got a system that tolerated distrust and element of political dishonesty. The government is as good as the confidence they have in it. People have complained of lack of infrastructure and nepotism, but the government has claimed that they have tried to address it.

“So, to some extent, it’s a big challenge for the government because if you claim to be doing something, people must see it. Therefore, communication is very critical.

I hope with time, people would develop more confidence in government and once that is done, the problem is half solved” He said.

Otunba Babatunde explained that numerous efforts of the government would only be appreciated when the public put their confidence in the leaders.

Otunba Babatunde expressed the hope that with time, people would develop more confidence in the government, adding that such would yield positive results.

On whether the country should submit to foreign countries to combat security issues and the possibility of neo-colonialism, the Aviation security expert said Nigeria was a sovereign nation with its own policies and strategies.

“However, from examples we have seen in some African countries, the government has to be careful. We are aware of certain countries in East Africa region where the nation is almost one hundred percent mortgaged to some other countries, and we don’t want to go that part.”

“Be that as it may, terrorism is a global concern which requires concerted effort both in and out to resolve it. Most of what we have now are not just domestic terrorism. The ISWA is an offshoot of ISIS and ISIS is an international terrorist organization with all the strength and capacity for destructive violence. We have seen how difficult it has been for even sophisticated nations to confront them.

Otunba Babatunde noted that for victory over terrorism, the nation needed not only advisory support but hardware and mercenaries  because the fight is already giving Nigerian army a sleepless night.

Adedayo Adelowo

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