Having issues with your Thyroid isn’t the end of life – Medical Expert

The Thyroid Gland is located in the front part of the neck.

It produces hormones which controls the body metabolism.

Metabolism is a process whereby food is transformed into energy and used by all the body system.

However, thyroid disorder could occur when the gland functions below normal or higher than normal.

This condition requires the attention of specialists to prevent the situation from getting out of hand.

A Consultant Surgeon at the University College Hospital, UCH, Ibadan, Dr Adefemi Afolabi said anyone is at risk of having Thyroid problems either by birth, environment, pregnancy or hereditary but unfortunately many patients present late.

He explained that some people having swellings on their neck do not bother to check it out because it is painless, instead most ladies in this condition wear turtlenecks or shawls to cover up the disfigurement.

To this end, the surgeon stressed the need for regular medical checks for early detection of thyroid disorders or any other disease.

Furthermore, Dr Afolabi maintained that iodine intake was key to the function of the thyroid gland.

For instance, the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control, NAFDAC, knowing the importance of this had enforced the consumption of iodized salt in the country to guard against iodine deficiency which causes preventable brain damage such as mental impairment, cretinism, stillbirth and infant mortality.

Secretary, Thyroid Care Association of Nigeria, Mrs Omotooke Gbenro- Adegbite gave an assurance that having Thyroid issue was not the end of life, but with good support system and a caring doctor, the problem was surmountable.

Mrs Gbenro-Adegbite recommended good diet, regular exercise, sticking to the drug regimen and keeping close contact with the doctor, as part of ways to cope with the condition.

Anthonia Akanji

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