World Oral Health Day: Expert Advises People On Proper Hygiene

In commemoration of this year’s World Oral Health Day, Nigerians have been advised to give the care of their mouth as much priority as they could give other vital organs of their body.

The Registrar of the Dental Therapist Registration Board of Nigeria, Mrs Mercy Ojo gave the advice in Gbongan, headquarters of Ayedaade Local Government during a sensitization exercise facilitated by a member of the House of Representatives, Mrs Taiwo Oluga,representing Irewole/Ayedaade/Isokan.

Mrs Mercy Ojo noted that the mouth was the gateway, where most of the micro organisms got into the human body.

According to her, Neglect of care and abuse of the mouth and oral health can result in diseases ranging from Cancer of the Oral Cavity, kidney failure, fracture, salivary gland disorder, tooth problem, heart attack among others.

Mrs. Ojo called on parents and guardians to take always ensure that they monitor the manner their children and wards wash their mouth, as well as educating them on what they do with their mouth.

Earlier, a consultant Dentist, Doctor Dele Anisere took the audience through the practical method of mouth care, advising that the teeth should be washed twice daily for optimal hygiene.

Doctor Anisere noted that washing of teeth with plants should be done with caution as not all of them were good for the human dentition, but however advised that bitter leaf is a better herbal plant for the cleaning of teeth.

Declaring the programme open, the facilitator, Taiwo Oluga, who represents Irewole/Ayedaade/Isokan Federal constituency explained that the sensitization was facilitated in order to enlighten the people of her constituency on the importance of the mouth and teeth to their health and the need to keep them safe and healthy.

Mrs Oluga maintained that Oral health was crucial to the attainment of the human individual goals as well as ensuring sustainable development.

She commended the Dental Therapist Board for counting her constituency worthy of such enlightenment campaign.

World Oral health day is celebrated every year with the aim of Spreading the message of oral hygiene and health.

According to the world health Organization, between 60 and 90% of school children have at least one dental cavity while nearly 100% of adults have at least one dental cavity.

Adenitan Akinola

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