Good Friday: Let us serve God, humanity through sacrificial love – Clergy

The minister in charge of Molete Baptist Church, Challenge Ibadan,The Reverend Edward Alabi has asked Christians to rededicate their lives to the service of God and humanity through sacrifice and love.

The Rev. Alabi was of the opinion that the crucifixion of Jesus Christ was not a pleasant experience as charges against him, including mingling with sinners and preaching on Sabbath day and against payment of taxes, among other reasons were trumped up and baseless.

Restating Jesus experience on the cross of Calvary, the clergyman noted that the day the crucifixion took place, now referred to as Good Friday was indeed a sad and agonizing one going by the manner in which he died.

The Reverend Alabi queried that if Jesus could sacrifice so much for man to have abundant, fulfilled life, it then behoved Christians to appreciate Him by living a life of love, tolerance, sacrifice and service to God and humanity.

He said Judas did not have the in depth knowledge of the ministry of Jesus Christ which was rather spiritual than physical, and that was why he exposed him to those who crucified him.

Adewumi Faniran

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