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Country Where Beating Groom’s Feet Is Test Of Strength, Character

Prior to their wedding ceremonies, some South Korean grooms are subjected to a certain ritual before they can live with their new wives.

The ritual is called ‘the beating of their feet’.

The groomsmen or family members remove the groom’s shoes and bind his ankles with rope before taking turns to beat his feet with a stick or, in some cases, a dried fish.

Though obviously painful, the ritual is over quickly and meant to be more amusing than an act of punishment.

Also, the tradition is performed to quiz his attention and memory as the groom is asked questions in between the beatings.

They also believe that the groom will become stronger for his wedding night with this exercise.

It is so important that it’s never missed out at weddings in this region.

Furthermore, the beating of feet is meant as a test of the newly wedded husband’s strength and character.

Titilayo Kupoliyi

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