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Strange Nuptial Rituals of India

This one is not a festival, but it is no less of a bizarre ritual conducted, to this day, in many parts of India.

The more popular reason for this is that some folks are born during a particularly terrible astrological combination called Mangal Dosh.

These guys, called Mangliks, are considered bad news for whoever they marry.

So to get rid of the terrible fate that their spouses would be burdened with, they are made to marry an animal, usually a dog or a goat. Sometimes even a tree.

After a quick prayer and offerings made to the gods, the Manglik is now free to marry whosoever he or she chooses.

The marriage with animals is also done for other less common reasons, like if the girl has some facial deformation or her teeth arrive too early.

Naturally, girls draw the short end of the stick here, but these rituals are thankfully getting less common these days.

Titilayo Kupoliyi

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