Don’t Have Trust Issues Despite Heart Break- Clinical Psychologist

Like adults, young people find themselves confronted by a break in relationship.

In March this year, a young lady committed suicide a few days after tweeting that she was broken.

Reason was that she was dumped by her boyfriend.

Similarly, in December last year, a 300 Level student killed himself for being jilted by his girlfriend.

These are just few examples underscoring the aftermath of break in relationship on a number of young people.

Some young people who spoke to Radio Nigeria expressed how they felt after unexpected break in relationship.

“I’ve been jilted before and I was traumatized and on that day I wanted to take in some drugs that wasn’t good but thank God people were there, being jilted is actually normal, I’ve been jilted before but I didn’t like talking about it’, love left us and I think we should go our separate ways and since then I’ve been doing well and I didn’t think about it”

A clinical psychologist, Doctor Oluwafikayo Adebimpe, who said jilted young people might be traumatized, described what their experiences could be.

“A lot of emotions are associated with being jilted, the reaction comes with expectations being dashed in the sense of loss and feeling of inadequacy.  Though some might be able to resolve the emotional scars and some may find it difficult to let go and could be accompany with psychological reactions such as undue sadness, weeping spills, avoidance of specific situation and have feeling of mistrust and others may become psychically and verbally aggressive towards others and some may develop hatred towards the opposite sex. Some of them might clinically depressed and some may become suicidal”

She further said ‘re-establishing trust depending on the circumstances surrounding the breakup is very can be by challenging your thought process and it can be challenging to trust others again but you must work to re-establish trust so that you will not miss the next man or woman in one’s life and it won’t be a potential problem for the future partners. Self-care techniques in a long time basis will build a healthy relationship with others.

Doctor Adebimpe said jilted young people should not succumb to the weight of the situation.

Doctor Adebimpe added that a lot of challenges would arise but the way they are handled by those affected is important.

Adesewa Ogundipe

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