Kosobo Shooting: Residents Calls For Investigation To Unravel Perpetrators

Residents of Kosobo community in Oyo town want thorough investigation into the shooting incident that occurred in their area last Saturday night.

They described the shooting as killing an ant with a sledge hammer and a clear abuse of position.

Our correspondent who visited Kosobo community reports that residents were still gathered in groups recounting the incident and wondering why a security outfit like Operation Burst could engage in such act that disturbed the peace of the community on unfounded ground.

An octogenarian charcoal seller, Alice Aremu and Olajide Olayinka who were affected by the stampede caused by the Operation Burst shooting are still being treated at the State hospital.

Two other residents, Mustapha Rahmon and Anuoluwapo Olawale and others were found on the scene trying to retrieve personal items from the area.

Residents said the commander of the Operation Burst team, Gudu A. U. had just spent five days on duty in Oyo town.

Kayode Oguntona

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