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Power Supply, what is the way forward?

In this piece, Tayo Sanni writes on the way forward to the worsening electricity supply in Nigeria.

Those who bought the power holding company of Nigeria, PHCN, and turned it into Electricity Distribution Companies owe Nigerians one vital explanation.

They must tell the people what has happened with the discos since the ownership changed hand.

Yes, this has become imperative because the cry of ‘give us electricity’, ‘restore power supply’, we are tired of darkness’ and ‘where is electricity‘ are some of the popular slogans in the mouth of Nigerians.

Successive Governments in Nigeria have spent billions of naira to fix the power sector without any tangible result.

Up to this moment, in almost all parts of Nigeria, supply of electricity is epileptic and nothing to write home about darkness pervades everywhere.

Lack of regular electricity supply has brought sadness to millions of Nigerians and paralysed socio economic activities.

While some countries like Ghana are giving good testimony about constant supply of electricity, it is not the same in Nigeria.

Yet, electricity distribution companies keep bringing crazy and highly inflated bills every month for services not provided to the consumers.

It is a shame that Nigerians still live in darkness in the 21st century.

Yet, year in, year out, the Federal Government increased electricity tariff making Nigerians pay more for the inefficiency of some stakeholders in the power sector.

To this end, efforts should be concentrated to improve power supply and save Nigerians from total darkness.

Nigerians felt highly relieved with the privatisation of the energy sector not knowing that unending agony and lamentation over poor electricity supply had just begun.

This is quite unfortunate Nigerians deserve right to be served well.

As citizens, they should have equal access to power like citizens of other countries.

Corruption in the power sector which has been a clog in the wheel of progress should be tackled for a stable electricity supply in the country.

Nigerians are yet to adequately benefit from the democratic dispensation, especially in the power sector which is key to industrialization.

If the Federal Government fixes the country’s electricity problem, seventy-five percent of unemployed graduates will have jobs and become employers of labour.

Solar energy as an alternative source of electricity should also be pursued vigorously and made available to people at affordable price. 


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