Video : Terrorists Release Kidnapped Agriculture bank MD In Honour Of Ramadan

Terrorists who kidnapped some Passengers during an attack on Abuja-Kaduna Train have released the Managing Director of the Bank of Agriculture, Alwan Ali-Hassan.

The kidnappers said he was released in the spirit of Ramadan.

The terrorists made this known in a video posted on Twitter by a Senior Conflict Analyst at the Tony Blair Institute, Bulama Bukarti.

In the video, Ali-Hassan was flanked by four heavily armed men dressed in military camouflage.

After a short prayer, one of the Terrorists said, “We are the ones who kidnapped the people on the train. We decided to release this man (Ali-Hassan) because of the honour of the month of Ramadan and because he is old. He has been pleading since we kidnapped him.

“The government should know that the train attack is just a little of what we can do.”

Also, Ali-Hassan, in the video, said he was freed because of his age.
The video released by the Terrorists

Analysing the video, Bukarti said that early evidence suggests that Abuja-Kaduna train attackers are Boko Haram fighters.

The Kaduna-bound train officially had over 362 passengers though unconfirmed reports claimed the passengers were more than that.

Some of the passengers have been confirmed dead, many injured and others still held hostage by the Terrorists.

Net/Olaolu Fawole


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