Nike Peller Reacts to Viral Photo, Says Still as Beautiful as Ever

A Twitter user with the username, Iya Oni Jersey has raised her concerns about the transformation in the face of Nollywood actress Nike Peller.

She took to her Twitter page to share two contrasting photos of the actress and wondered what happened to her.

 Reacting to the viral photo, Nike has revealed that the photo was taken when she wasn’t in a great frame of mind to care about her looks.

Nigerians became worried when a photo of veteran actress Nike Peller who used to be one of the industry’s finest went viral.

As opposed to how beautiful and beautiful the actress used to look, the photo got many wondering if all was well with her.

According to reports, Nike Peller reacted to the viral photo and revealed that she was still as beautiful as ever.

The actress also disclosed that the photo was taken when she was mourning the late Dejo Tunfulu who passed away recently.

“I am still as beautiful as ever. Someone took my picture when I was mourning my late brother and colleague, Dejo and sent it to bloggers. This is me in a recent picture”.

Culled/Adetutu Adetule


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