Some Christian worship centres in Ibadan witnessed a low turnout of members during the Good Friday service observed across the country as part of the Easter celebration.
Radio Nigeria correspondents, who monitored the situation, report that the church services were short and solemn, and vehicular movement in the metropolis was also not heavy.

At the Church of the transfiguration, Anglican Communion, Ikolaba, the procession was moody and serene while hymns rendered reflected the death of Jesus for the remission of sin.

The scenario was not different at the Cathedral of Saint James, Oke Bola, Saint Anne’s Anglican Church, Molete, and The Methodist Church Nigeria, Ekotedo.

In a sermon entitled: When the Innocent Dies”, an assistant priest at the Church of the Transfiguration, Anglican communion, Ikolaba, Rev, Afolabi Olusola said Jesus was innocent of the crime levelled against Him.
Reverend Olusola pointed out that blood of innocent Nigerians was equally being shed either for rituals or political purposes.

On its part, The Provost, Cathedral of Saint James the Great, Oke Bola, The Very Reverend David Olagbaju noted that Jesus’ crucifixion epitomized perfect love for the well-being of humanity, urging Nigerian leaders to show concern about the welfare of others.    

The Very Reverend Olagbaju pointed out that the cooperation of the citizens would manifest when leaders prioritized their well-being.

The Presbyter, Methodist Church Nigeria, Ekotedo, Dugbe, Ibadan, Very Reverend Abraham Akinyode, urged Nigerians to be selfless and love others.
 Some members said the death of Jesus was significant to them.

Expectedly, some churches in recognition of the day not only dramatized the entire stages and processes that Jesus went through before His death but also held special services to acknowledge the day.

In Christendom, Good Friday signifies the day Jesus was tried before Pontius Pilate, suffered, crucified and died while on the cross.         

Fasilat Lawal/Funmi Obagbayegun/Rotimi Famakin


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