Tonto Dikeh Plans To Block Her Pastor

Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh has revealed that she has decided to block her pastor off her social media platforms. King Tonto as she’s fondly called, has revealed that following her decision to open an only fans page, she would be blocking her pastor as well as other “over righteous brethren”.

According to the single mother of one, she intends to make money off the liposuction she had a few years ago by dancing on her soon to be open only fans page.

Many of her fans have taken to the comment section of the said post airing their reactions.

Some have voiced that they think the actress is joking while others support her decision on the money-making venture.

Now blocking my pastor and the over righteous brethren that do one leg in the backyard after choir practice

It would be recalled that only a few days ago, the controversial actress begged God to help her stay away from drama especially when it concerns others

She wrote, “Dear Lord help me to continually stay away from other people’s issues, give me more progress with my business growing each day to ignore another man’s sins. May I only judge me and concern me with the only thing that’s mine! May the downfall of anyone not be my glory!! AMEN”.

It would be recalled Tonto Dikeh had shared a cryptic post on how dangerous it is to build up a man.

The actress averred that building up a man of low integrity is dangerous.

Tonto Dikeh likened it to sharpening a knife which could end up stabbing the sharpener.

She wrote, “It is a Dangerous Thing to build up a Man of Low integrity!! It’s like sharpening the knife that will be used to stab you”.

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