Islam is Against Jungle Justice – Cleric

A Prominent Islamic scholar, Alhaji Isa Akindele has condemned jungle justice as the act has no basis in Islam.

He stated this at an event in Ibadan.

Alhaji Akindele who decried the idea of either slander or blasphemy against the Prophet Muhammad, however, said such was not enough to lead to violence as justice belongs only to Allah and no one should fight for such cause.

He emphasized that Allah has appointed some people as keepers of justice and they should be allowed to do their legitimate duties rather than people taking laws into their hands through jungle justice.

“Jungle justice is Haram in Islam. Nobody should take the law into his hands. Justice belongs to Allah and Allah has appointed some people as keepers of justice and they should not be disturbed .”

Alhaji Akindele called on Nigerian leaders to fear Allah in their dealings as they will account for their stewardship in the hereafter.

The guest lecturer on the occasion who is from the Islamic University of Minnesota, USA, Dr Buniyamin Bello said for Nigeria to be developed, a strong system must be in place.

He said rather than a strong leader, what is needed for the development of the country is a good system as such would serve as checks to enhance good governance.

“In any political dispensation, what Nigerians think of is a strong leader, whereas, we don’t need a strong leader but a strong system. When you have a strong system, whoever is a leader, the system will take care of him. If he is a good leader, the system will support him and if he’s a bad leader, the system will flush him out.

Dr Bello also condemned the ways the country continues to suffer in the hands of some Nigerians who have allowed regional, tribal and religious sentiments to overshadow their senses of judgment.

“A northerner will think about his tribe first before thinking of Nigeria, the same is applicable to the south. All decisions based on regions, ethnics religious will not breed any good to Nigeria”.

Dr Bello added that the life and times of Prophet Muhammad were full of lessons and if followed would enhance socio-economic development of any nation.

Ridwan Fasasi

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