Kyiv’s energy operator on Sunday says that scheduled “stabilisation” power cuts have been introduced in the Ukrainian capital after repeated Russian strikes on the country’s energy infrastructure.

“On October 23, stabilisation shutdowns were introduced in Kyiv by national energy operator Ukrenergo to avoid accidents,” energy company DTEK said in a statement on its website.

The blackouts started from 11:13 am (0813 GMT) with consumers in Kyiv divided into three groups that will be “disconnected for a certain period of time”, DTEK said.

It added that the blackouts should last “no more than four hours” but may be longer “due to the scale of damage to the power supply system”.

DTEK reiterated calls for residents to use electricity “sparingly” and for businesses to limit their use of external lighting.

Over a million households in Ukraine were left without electricity following Russian strikes on energy facilities across the country on Saturday, the Ukrainian presidency said.

Russia in recent days has repeatedly targeted Ukraine’s energy grid, destroying at least a third of the country’s power stations ahead of winter.

AFP / Titilayo Kupoliyi

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